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Three Fires in Zakynthos, 58 year old held for questioning.

Three fires broke out at noon on our island, in Agio Leonta (Porto Roxas), Harata and Anafonitria.

Immediately alarms sounded at Zakynthos Fire Service to respond quickly and effectively to the incident.

About 10 acres of regenerated pine forest were burnt in Porto Roxa. On the spot 14 firefighters with 7 vehicles were rushed to the scene to battle with the flames, and the operation was coordinated by the Deputy Commander. Zakynthos, George Vorlou. The Civil Protection Department of the IP Zakynthos partnered with two water tankers.

In the press release issued by The Fire Department Zakynthos about the incident reports: “Today 16-03-2020 Monday at around 14:55  a 58-year-old man from the area of ​​Agios Leontas was approached by our service in the context of an investigation, on a forest fire by which a mixed land area of ​​10 acres was burnt. Following the Public Prosecutor’s order, the legal procedure was followed in accordance with the current Legislation. The offenders are accountable and prosecuted in accordance with the relevant criminal law. In the event of any fire occurring immediately contact the Fire Service at 199, 26950-22199 to respond to the spread of the fire as soon as possible. “

Four firefighters rushed to Anafonitria’s front and despite the strong winds blowing throughout the day, they were able to quickly bring it under complete control. Finally, two firefighters rushed to the Hartata, who also quickly managed to put the fire under control. The cause is being investigated by the Fire Department.

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source: Ημέρα τση Ζάκυνθο

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