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6th Zakynthos Ascent – 4th & 5th May

The Zakynthos Automobile Club – ALEZ – is organizing the 6th Zakynthos Ascent, “Dionysis  Koronios” which will take place on the 4th and 5th May on a 2,5 km route, part of the Katastari – Volimes main road.

The special course, where the Ascent will take place, is a safe, beautiful and technical special route, with a good road surface and we are sure that all participants in the race, will enjoy it.

The race is included in the Southern Greece Ascent Cup.

The main road will close to traffic on Saturday at 10.30 and Sunday at 10.00.

On Saturday, technical check of vehicles that are taking part is from 08.00 to 10.00, near the pits, while the time trials begin at 11.30. On Sunday the race will start at 11.00, at a point after leaving the area known as Hartata at Katastari.

Trophies will be awarded, to the first three drivers of each category, on Sunday, 05/05, 90 minutes after the end of the race, at a room of the ZANTE VILLAGE hotel in Alykanas.



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