Sunday , March 7 2021

A change in the Fire Department, Zakynthos

Change of the “guard” at the Fire Department of Zakynthos after the meeting of the Superior Council of the Fire Brigade, under the chairmanship of its Chief of Staff, Lieutenant, Vasilios Mattheopoulos, conducting the regular officers’ crises of 2019.
As a result a new Commander in Zakynthos will take up position by the former Commander of the 6th Special Disaster Response Unit (EMAK) Patras Vice Chief, Ioannis Panopoulos, while Fire Chief Dimitris Patrakis returns to Attica as Deputy Governor of the 1st Special Disaster Respone Unit (ΕΜΑΚ). He stayed on the island for a year, and during his term of office he provided significant results in the field of fire prevention and fire-fighting, proving to be a great operational officer.
Having the experience of the critical and important positions he served to date, he proved that he quietly and methodically wants and can change with his colleagues the image on the island.
His return to Attica and his experience of Elefsina and Megara’s services for many years makes him an important factor in designing and handling a place that has been tested a lot last summer and certainly requires special treatment.

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