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A message from Businesses and Tourists, “Protect Lagana”

The loss of a 35-year-old British tourist who was beaten up by men from his homeland in Laganas, was the reason why our island was once again the first issue in the news media reports of pan-Hellenic range. In regards to the case, we recall that the unfortunate man was attacked by two Britons outside a bar and suffered severe cranial  injuries from the blows. Indeed, the 35-year-old’s parents, despite their sadness, found the strength to donate his organs to save other human lives. This case reminded many of what had happened again in Lagana in 2017 with the fatal injury of the young American Bakari Henderson.

Another tragic incident …

Traders in the region have stressed that efforts should be made by all authorities to improve the conditions in Laganas, while stressing that Lagana should not be defamed due to this type of occurrence, especially because of the conditions under which it happened. However, British tourists have also taken a stand on the issue, and they stressed that it is a shame to negatively affect the island as a whole because of such events.

We ask the authorities to help our area

Entrepreneurs have asked the authorities to help control the situation in Lagana. They even noted that they want the police to help eliminate the phenomena of violence and the season to flow smoothly.

Laganas unfortunately, has many times been involved with events of violence, intoxication and unwarranted behaviour, causing residents and businessmen to express their indignation about what is happening, but also about foreign visitors who often go beyond the limits thus creating many unacceptable incidents.

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