Wednesday , October 21 2020

A possibility of Attica going into lockdown is on the cards.

The possibility of a lockdown in Attica is on the cards.

Even in the face of the possibility of a new short-term lockdown in Attica, if the measures put in place yesterday, Wednesday, are not implemented, the epidemiologists, who emphasize in all tones that the pandemic situation in our country remains constantly critical and can not be complacent.


“Because we often hear that there will never be a lockdown again, I would say ‘never say never.’ If this situation continues with the epidemic in Attica, we will undoubtedly go to lockdown. The measures we took will take about a week to ten days to work, if they do not work, this will be the next step “, the infectious disease specialist and member of the national return for the management of the coronavirus, Nikos Sypsas, told ANT1 today.


Referring to the way in which this possibility will be implemented, the professor of the medical school of EKPA, said: “Of course it will be of shorter duration, possibly weekly”.


It is noted that the possibility of a new lockdown in Greece was left open, for the first time, yesterday, Wednesday, by the government, through the government representative Stelios Petsas.


Commenting on the image of the coronavirus in our country, Mr. Sypsas also said: “At the moment the situation is not developing well. We are seeing an upward trend in the epidemic, and this is best seen in the pipelines.


“If we allow the situation to develop without taking drastic measures, we may put a lot of pressure on the national health system,” warned the infectious disease specialist, who concluded: “I call on the citizens to follow the measures with religious reverence. This is not the time to relax. “Things are getting worse.”


Epidemiologist Takis Panagiotopoulos also described the image of the coronavirus in our country as a “stable critical situation”, speaking to Sky on Thursday morning.


“We are at a crossroads. “We are in a steadily increasing, but not exponential, that is, every day we have a much larger number than the previous one, but even in a recession there is no bet,” he said characteristically.


At the same time, the epidemiologist explained that if we get into an exponential situation, then things will not be controlled at all, while he made it clear that now is the time for really strong measures, not a little later.


Finally, Mr. Panagiotopoulos noted that wearing a mask on the streets is also in the package of measures that can be applied.

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