Wednesday , December 2 2020

A Zakynthian Sweet with Grapes.

This time of year our grapes are fully ripened, we finished with our Zante Black Currants, most have been already started to pack them, ready for export.

However there is a grape that is just coming into taste and is perfect for our famous Zakynthian sweet known as  “glyko tou koutaliou” meaning a sweet from the spoon.

The grapes we use are the famous Korinthiou which are seedless, we also have a variety of “aetoniki”, although not seedless they do have a very distinct taste. Combine mother nature’s gems with an old traditional recipe you are in for one of the best treats. A perfect treat for the winter months ahead.


Enjoy making this delicious sweet, you won’t be disappointed.
What you need:-
1 kilo of grapes
500 grams of sugar
150ml of water
1 vanilla
juice from a lemon.

A few leaves from an apple geranium plant. (optional)


First wash the grapes and separate them from the stems.
Place in a saucepan the sugar, vanilla and the leaves from the apple geranium.

Bring water to boil slightly then add the grapes stirring gently for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and then cover with a kitchen towel leave to rest overnight. The next day boil up again just enough to make the syrup… test it by dipping a spoon in the syrup and if it drips slowly from the spoon it is ready.

Put in sterilized jars seal and then it is ready for serving whenever you want….. or in some cases it doesn’t even reach the jar….. straight on the plate for serving as you wait to here the mmmmmmmmmmmm….

click on the Video for your convenience.


About Louise Inzk

Louise is Australian born and has been a Greek citizen since 1991. She has deep cultural ties with the island, often writing about Zakynthian Traditions and Culture. She is also an active member of the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos, Giostra Di Zante and is a member of the women's choir "Rodambelos". Her love of the island and all it offers saw her joining the Zakynthos (Zante) Informer admin team in 2014.

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