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Aeronautics club volunteering in the protection of our Island

volunteer work continues with the Aeronautics club of Zakynthos, with a special emphasis on marine surveillance this year, supporting the work of the wider Zakynthos and the “Clean Water in Zakynthos” Movement!

As stated by the President of the Aeronautics club, Mr. Stathis. Malapetsas  “We try voluntarily as possible with our members’ flights. We focus more when our members fly around Zakynthos on the mountainous regions and around the coastline, to provide aerial surveillance for pollution. “ As the Aeronautics club does not receive any subsidy for surveillance. So, what is actually happening is that the members pay for the fuel for their flights and instead of going somewhere else for recreational purposes, they choose to do volunteer work! A love affair for the island from both the old and the new members of the Aeronautics club!

When asked about the brave young girls in his recent FB post, he informed us that they were new members, in the training phase of their “addiction” to flights – who agreed to volunteer for clean water and fire protection!


Mr. Malapetsa also informed us that in case of danger concerning fire, the Fire Department has provided them with wireless communication so that immediate contact can be provided when needed. While in case of dumping wastewater, they can immediately call the Port Authority, as at the height they fly the helicopter they cannot interfere. As a result, the Aeronautics club’s project can provide valuable assistance in dealing with the dangers to our Island.

click on link for video Aeronautics club Patrol



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