Tuesday , August 11 2020

Agean Rebreath head diver, George Sarelakos talks about our Island’s waters

Mr George Sarelakos, head diver of Agean Rebreath spoke on the radio programme EN PSIKRO Ermis 91.8F.M. about our waters.

“Zakynthos is not the most dirty island in Greece, but it is burdened. We have found a lot of disposable plastics, which is due to the indifference to this issue. However, there is one positive thing  We have met people on the island who care about the marine environment and help improve the situation.

We had no special contact with the Municipality of Zakynthos, but sent a truck to pick up what we got out of the bottom of the harbor and for the accuracy of what we found because the weather was poor and no visibility. We also saw a lot of rubbish on Laganas beach, but we didn’t have time to intervene.

Our goal is to return to Zakynthos in the near future, but this should be done with a plan that will include a complete picture of the situation with the problem areas. We want to come together as a team of a specific project and not for the sake of impressions. The action we took in Zakynthos was essentially based on the initiative taken by some of your fellow citizens, and I thank you very much, not because the authorities had invited us.

I mention, for example, that the Mayor himself invited us to Lefkada and we set up an action group. We want to create a network of people all over Greece and to awaken the environmental consciousness of everyone. We see the mindset of some people change and that is pleasing and hopeful. What I mean is that when an island drowns in garbage, it cannot have a major and significant tourism development”

If you would like to learn more about Agean Rebreath click on the link https://www.aegeanrebreath.org/en/

For full story in Greek and more photos click on source link https://zantetimes.gr

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