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Agios Yeorgos – Saint George

When do we celebrate the nameday of Agios Yeorgos?

According to the ecclesiastical calendar, to celebrate the memory of Agios Yeorgos / St. George the Great Martyr, there is a specific method of calculation.

Sometimes the celebration is on a fixed date and is celebrated on 23rd April.

Other times, the celebration is moveable and the date changes, depending on when Easter falls.

This sometimes causes confusion, but fortunately there is an easy way to calculate when the memory of the Agios is celebrated.

The nameday of Agios Yeorgos is normally celebrated on 23rd April.  But because it is a very big celebration and because some of the ‘troparia / hymns which are chanted for his memory, contain Resurrectional words, the nameday cannot be celebrated before the Resurrection of Christ.

So when the 23rd April falls before Easter, that is, before or even the same day as Easter Sunday, then Agios Yeorgos’ nameday is automatically postponed till Easter Monday. Otherwise, it is celebrated as normal on 23rd April.

So for 2019, as Easter falls on the 28th April, Agios Yeorgos will be celebrated on 29th April.

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