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Alexander Roma Street to be made for pedestrians all year round.

Last Friday, the City Council met and dealt with many current and serious issues, among them Alexander Roma street.  The replacement of its damage road tiles and concern for pedestrians was talked about.

The decision was made to pave the way for the road to be of pedestrian use all year round and for the necessary work to start.

Initially, the President of the Council, Constantine Pettas said that vehicles should not be allowed on this road because it was a matter of safety for children and all passers-by. She also brought up the fact of the damaged road tiles throughout  the street.

Shop owners were also present at the meeting and complained that motorbikes often weaved in and out of pedestrians trying to use the road thus causing problems.

The meeting was attended by Vice Mayors Dimitris Koutsogiannis and Andreas Marinakis who addressed the people who attended to inform.

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