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ARCHELON invites you…..

On Monday 09 September,2019 at 17.00p.m.

ARCHELON invites you to see a turtles nest and watch an excavation. In there invitation they state:-

Sea turtle nest excavations are part of the research / monitoring work carried out by trained ARCHELON volunteers.

The event will take place with the Εθνικό Θαλάσσιο Πάρκο Ζακύνθου / National Marine Park of Zakynthos

Small delays in the event as well as cancellation due to the weather or any other factor affecting the conservation of the turtles MAY happen without prior notice.


Please remain quiet, follow the instructions of ARCHELON volunteers and stay in the designated space. Do not use flash lights. Please do not touch the hatchlings or ARCHELON equipment. Also, do not enter the sea to follow the hatchling.

So, if you can follow these rules and would  like to join in, the meeting point is at Laganas Beach, Caretta Caretta restaurant.

source:- ARCHELON

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