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As of today, access to the islands is allowed freely for all citizens. Self isolation still exists up until 31/05/2020.

As of today, access to the islands is allowed freely for all citizens.

From today (Monday 25/05) the access to the islands will be allowed for all citizens. Passengers travelling on a ferry should be aware that certain precautionary rules are still in place before boarding, as part of measures to tackle the pandemic.

We must remind you that passengers entering our Island from abroad will still have to “Self-isolate” as it sates in the Government Gazette. This rule will apply until 31st May, 2020. We remind you that tourists are not on our island at the moment as tourism will start on 01 July, 2020. However, we do have people who have returned for business matters or to their second homes.

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tourism/visitors to greece don’t need to quarantine after-31-05-2020


In addition to the measures and in the context of special instructions from EODY, all passengers will be thermo metered, will complete a special questionnaire, while maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters in all areas of traffic inside the ship.

Please read rules for travelling on the post we’ve provided below


The questionnaires that passengers can obtain from travel agencies, shipping companies, and the official website of the Ministry of Shipping, will be delivered upon boarding of the ship’s crew.

We have provided Levante Ferries questionnaire for you. Click on below.



If passengers are found to be either on the basis of the questionnaire or presenting symptoms or have been exposed to a COVID-19 patient in any of the ways described in the last 14 days, boarding will not be allowed.


The questionnaire will be kept by the ship-owner for two months from the date of receipt in accordance with the provisions of the current Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR).


The ships also have a special arrangement for passengers in the open air seats, a seated seat and an empty seat, adjacent, front and rear. The use of each cabin will be permitted by one person, unless they are first-degree relatives. After all, all passengers, as well as the crew, should use a mask. It is noted that the crews of the ferry ships have already been trained in order to be able to deal with any case of corona in a passenger, while the ships after each of their itineraries will be disinfected.


Today, seven shipping routes will be operated from the port of Piraeus (two for Cyclades, one for Chios Mytilene and four for Crete). One ship will leave Rafina for the Cyclades and three from Lavrio, two for Kea – Kythnos – Syros and one for Ag. Efstratio – Lemnos – Kavala.


Ships travel with a reduced protocol as each accommodates only 50% of the passengers, who provide their papers, unless it is a ship with cabins that this percentage becomes 55%.

The Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Giannis Plakiotakis, on the occasion of the lifting of the restrictions on passenger traffic on coastal shipping, will visit the port of Piraeus at 19:30 in the afternoon.


According to information, the Minister of Shipping is also expected to have a meeting within the day with representatives of the coastal shipping companies and specifically of the Association of Passenger Shipping Companies (SEEN), where the issue of bargaining of barren lines is expected to be discussed in regards to ferry routes.


It is noted that Mr. Plakiotakis, in view of the free movement of citizens to the islands from today, has stated that the protocols of passengers on ferry ships are valid until 15/06 are monitored daily and in collaboration with scientists and when the epidemiological data allow it to be re-evaluated.

For more information in regards to measures click on our link below:-

New measures for ferries.

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