Sunday , July 5 2020

B grade National women’s team Kariatides – Doxa Pigadakia Playing today.

Fighting for the best results Doxa Pigadakia will try to succeed in. Competing for the 3rd round of the 2nd Group of the B grade National Women’s as the face the Spartons Kariatides. The team from Lakonia is the favourites to win the league.

The whole task of John Vertzagia is difficult from the start.

Doxa, who will travel to Sparta on today, has suffered two defeats at the start of the year from Ari Corinth (0-2) and Feidona Argos (0-3).

From the outset the work of the Zakynthos club is difficult, with the category being highly competitive, but it will try to get something positive out of this match.

Besides, the management and technical team have stressed that this year is an experience to be in a very difficult category with the athletes playing without stress and wanting to make a good impression. So far they have been doing well despite not getting any points. The match referee is Mr Siamami A. (Argolid) assisted by Mr Mavrokordopoulos N. (Argolid) and Mr Toumba St. (Argolida)  

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