Sunday , July 5 2020

Battle for slots by hoteliers! Demanding that flights be increased.

The issue of increasing the number of new flights to Zakynthos Airport is reintroduced by the Hoteliers Association of the island.  Pointing out that although its facilities have been modernized since Fraport took over and airport parking spaces increased, the airport cannot accept requests for new flights because the Competent Independent Authority does not grant SLOTs.

The Hotel Associations point out that the prevailing situation has had a negative impact on the local as well as the national economy. Adding to the fact after the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, Zakynthos suffered the most compared to other destinations within Greece.

The problem lies with the obsolete equipment at Andravida Airport, which also serves Zakynthos Airport, which Fraport has already procured and is ready to install, due to its contractual obligation, but the issue is unduly delayed.

The letter from the Association, which has already been sent to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Tourism, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), states:

“As you know, Zakynthos Airport is now managed by Fraport. Although its facilities have been modernized and the aircraft parking spaces increased, it is still unable to accept requests for new flights due to the lack of SLOT approvals by the Independent Authority. As we have repeatedly pointed out, the problem lies with the obsolete equipment of Andravida Airport, which serves Zakynthos Airport. In fact, we have been informed that Fraport has a contractual obligation to replace Andravida’s equipment with a compatible modern one, but in our opinion the issue is unjustifiably delayed. The major problem for Zakynthos as a tourist destination is that while many airlines choose Zakynthos, their flights from the Airport cannot be served, resulting in a dramatic reduction in arrivals due to this technical failure. You are well aware that tourism is the only dynamic economic sector in our country. Given the intense competition we receive from the other Mediterranean destinations around us, it is really unacceptable as a country to choose Greek tourist destinations from tourists and because of such problems; they are unable to visit us. With all the negative consequences this has implications for the local and national economy, but also for our image as a state. In addition, following the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook and because Zakynthos suffered the highest percentage blow over other destinations, flight service is an urgent need. In the belief that you will look into our acute problem, we would be grateful for your immediate action and your notification of such to us. “

It should be noted that the Associations have asked for the issue and assistance of Zakynthos MP D. Aktypis, Regional Governor R. Kratsas, Zakynthos Mayor N. Aretakis and the Hotel Chamber of Greece

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