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Biological Waste Plant study should be handed over by the end of March.

The Board of Directors of the Water Board of Zakynthos (ΔΕΥΖ),  yesterday met with the urgent procedure to submit a proposal to the governmental programme known as  “FILODIMOS I”  for the replacement of the electromechanical equipment for the Biological Cleaning Plant.


In particular, the call for proposals under the priority axis were under the  “Improvement of key environmental infrastructures, especially those of sewage treatment”, entitled “Integrated urban waste water management for the protection of public health and the improvement of the quality of underground, surface water and bathing waters’.


This call concerns the financing of the Municipalities and the Local Government of the country.


The proposal of the Water Board is titled “Supply of Electromechanical Equipment of the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant of  Water Board and, if accepted, will be followed by the relevant study.


The aforesaid commission includes the removal of part of the existing equipment due to its age or normal wear and tear (20 years of continuous operation) and its replacement with a new, more modern and more efficient, to optimize its operation.


Awaiting the study on the extension of Biological Waste Plant


In the meantime, the Study on Expansion of Biological Cleaning Facilities will have to be completed and delivered within the next few weeks after the last modification to the original design in order to increase its capacity and be able to meet the increased needs of the new but also existing networks.


The study should be submitted by the end of March and there is a commitment by the Ministry of Infrastructure for direct financing provided it is ready in time and all necessary environmental permits such as the CAA are ensured.

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