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British national in hospital after a brawl.

A 35 year old British national seriously injured after a brawl that started in Lagana late Thursday night.  According to police sources, the 35-year-old British citizen got into a confrontation with another 2 men of the same nationality aged 25 and 22 whilst enjoying himself at a well known bar on the main strip of Lagana. For unknown reasons the two British nationals were threatening the 35 year old and the confrontation then carried on outside the bar. They were pushing and shoving each other and during the scuffle the 35year old fell and hit his head hard on the pavement causing serious injuries.

The two men fled the scene but the incident was recorded by a passerby who had handed the video into police. The police then searched the area for the two men and it wasn’t long before the two had been detected and brought into custody.

The unfortunate 35 year old was immediately taken to Zakynthos General Hospital and from there was later transferred to a Hospital in Athens where he is kept in intensive care due to his head injuries.  The unfortunate man was here on holiday with his two children and his friend who is planning to get married here this Sunday.

The two British nationals have been charged with serious bodily harm and have been led to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Source in Greek:-  

Zakynthos Informer is aware that a video has been publically broadcasted, however as the contents are harsh and out of respect for the family whose loved one is battling for his life we have decided not to post the link.

We would also like to mention that the brawl did start within a particular club during an organised “Party” event and that Lagana area does not depict this type of behaviour in general.


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