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Carnival in true Zakynthian Style

The Zakynthian Carnival is something special to all Zakynthians. It has its very own way of celebrating. As has explained before our roots are tied to Venetians days. However, as Zakynthians do, we have a certain knack of making something our very own. This is no different when it comes to dancing.

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A social dancing group, known as Yakinthi”, have tried to bring back the very same dance steps their ancestors once danced. Some have been lost in time but the committee is vowed through time taking research to dance those steps once again.

The “Yakinthi” social committee’s main purpose is the research, study, promotion and continuation of the genuine Zakynthian and generally Greek music and dance tradition of Zakynthian folk theater.

The dancing team of “Yakinthi” takes pride in keeping with Zakynthian Tradition. Dancing the known routine of Quadrille dance or Kandrillias as Zakynthians would say. It is an English style dance which became famous during the 17th, 18th and 19th century Europe. Lanciers dance routines, Polka in Zakynthos, Mazurka 16th century, for which the steps have been saved from choreographer to choreographer, finding the archaic paces and integrating into the Zakynthian way. It is certainly a comparison to the way other Zakynthian dance routines such as Mazurka and Polka or the Italian Quadrille dance routines which are more waltz and schottische.

As you enjoy our Carnival experience, Zakynthians will make sure that they will take you back through time. Through the events we have on offer our history is again brought back to life.


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