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Carnivals cancelled across Greece

Due to the confirmation of cases of Coronavirus in Thessaloniki and Athens the Greek Health Ministry have announced that Carnivals across Greece this weekend should be cancelled.

The health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said

“Based on (expert) recommendation, and to protect public health… we have decided to cancel cardinal events in all of Greece, as other European countries have done.”

In regards to Zakynthos Carnivals, the carnival committee has said that the adults carnival on Sunday won’t go ahead. Some Carnival groups however say they will go ahead regardless as they feel island traditions are important and should continue. Those who choose to continue on their own behalf could find themselves dealing with the law, risking a jail sentence of up to two years, say authorities.

As yet no official statement has come from Zakynthos’ Mayor Aretakis on the situation. Further updates as they come in.

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