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The salt flats of Alykes

Situated on the east coast of Zakynthos is the resort of Alykes, named after the Greek name for “Salt flats”. Nowadays it’s one of the most popular resorts on the island pulling in visitors from around the world. Close to the resort are the Alykes Salt Flats, a beautiful place …

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Pitch wells – Geological phenomenon 

There have been many reports recently about strong smells of tar/oil in the Keri area of Zakynthos. These reports state that the smells occurred around the time of some recent earthquakes. Experts are saying that the smells are emanating from local pitch (tar) wells/ tar springs, situated in the Keri …

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New Year tradition of breaking a pomegranate

The pomegranate for thousands of years regarded by various cultures as a symbol of fertility, abundance and of good luck. Since ancient times it has been associated with the goddess Hera the patroness of marriage as a symbol of fertility, but also with Aphrodite. Ancient Greeks before entering their new …

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SANTA CLAUS in Zakynthos??

Just who is he?? We know him here, in Zakynthos, as Agios Nicholas. (Saint Nicholas). For many Zakynthians, St. Nicholas day would probably be the start of Christmas celebrations. As for the Islander’s fishermen, it was on this day that most had their ships decorated in commemoration of their Patron …

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Christmas traditions in Zakynthos

Christmas, as it is celebrated in every place around the world, each place having their own special traditions, food and culture. Zakynthos is one place that stands out on its own. Council’s Christmas Tree Saint Marcos square.   Zakynthian traditions differ from those of the rest of Greece, which have …

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Winter In Zakynthos

So, you think Zakynthos has closed its doors? Well, let’s just have another look! Although the main tourist season has come to the end and many think that after the summer season Zakynthos just closes down and hibernates, I would like to share with you what I would call “The …

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