Friday , November 22 2019


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Petimezi!! A true Zakynthian delight.

Petimezi is one of the most famous homemade delights across Zakynthos. Made from the “moustos” or must as we know it.  Boiling the must continually until a runny type of syrup is formed. The best description of Petimezi is grape molassas! Most households across Zakythos make Petimezi now. Grapes are …

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A Zakynthian Sweet with Grapes.

This time of year our grapes are fully ripened, we finished with our Zante Black Currants, most have been already started to pack them, ready for export. However there is a grape that is just coming into taste and is perfect for our famous Zakynthian sweet known as  “glyko tou …

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Wine Festival, Macherado.

This year the Cultural Association of Macherado “Saint Mavra” as usually will hold their annual wine festival. Sunday, 15th September at the cultural centre located in the village, opposite the post office.  The celebrations will start at 20.30p.m with live music, traditional dance and of course plenty of wine! Noting …

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Exhibition of traditional local products

Starting today, Friday the 23rd to Monday, 26th August. The Zakynthos Chamber of Commerce invites you to visit the ‘Traditional Local Products Exhibition’. Organised every year within the schoolyard of the 3rd Primary School ‘AMMOU’. Located along the harbour, just down from Saint Dionysios church,  the event takes place. The …

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There are plenty of eggplants (aubergines) at the moment, and what better way of using them than to make a Moussaka! History. No one knows exactly where Moussakas originated. More than likely it came from the Arabs introducing dish when they brought the aubergine into the area. The ancestor of moussaka, …

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elections and a great meze

The weather has changed again in Zakynthos and it seems to be threatening us with rain…..and with elections finally ending this weekend here’s a good excuse to invite some of those long lost friends and have a good old chin wag over a plate of Bekri Meze. Make sure you …

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Greek Feta

Greek ‘village salad – Horiatiki salata’ Hides hundreds of different proteins. For the first time the content, the value and nutritional properties of Greek feta were deciphered at the molecular level and the results will surprise you. Greek ‘cheese pie – Tiropita’ Researchers at the Academy of Biomedical Research of …

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Cuttlefish with spinach (Lent)

Cuttlefish With Spinach (Soupies me spanaki) During Lent this would have to be one of my favourite dishes, it can be made as below or by adding a little tomato paste when you add the spring onions, it’s up to you. Personally, I just love the lemon flavour with the seafood …

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Carnival Sunday and Zakynthian Chicken Pastitsada

Zakynthian chicken with spaghetti. (κοτόπουλο παστιτσάδα) This recipe is best in summer when the tomatoes are at their best, or like I do, use tomatoes that have been kept from the season’s pickings and have been frozen ready for use. It is also known as the main dish in the last …

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