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Catering Services open: The measures for restaurants, bars and cafes from May 3….. No music and only outdoors

The conditions under which restaurants will operate from May 3 are determined by the relevant joint ministerial decision, which was published in the Official Gazette.



Catering stores will open next Monday only in outdoor areas, without music. Opening hours will be from 05.00a.m until 22:45p.m, sale of alcohol will exist during operating hours depending on what your KYA  (business code) predicts. It is reminded that in order to go to a catering business, citizens must send an SMS with the code 6 to 13033.




In all catering businesses- e.g. restaurants, cafes, internet cafes, canteens, refreshments, canteens, catering (excluding student restaurants) – it is mandatory to conduct a self test for employees as well as those who are self-employed who provide work with physical presence.





From Monday, only companies that have an operating license for a store of health interest and which provide catering services will open, with the following conditions:



exclusively in the open air,

hosting only seated customers,

no music whilst under the following health restrictions




The measures also provide for:



  • Disinfection of menus when customers rotate at tables
  • Placement of disinfectant product per table
  • Mandatory use of mask by staff and customers during standby time
  • Up to six people per table
  • Observance of table seating distances and hygiene rules
  • Use a bar with two stools together and a distance of one and a half meters for each subsequent pair of stool

Possibility of operation is from 5:00 to 22:45


Take away, delivery and drive through services are allowed even after the end of the operation, without the presence of customers inside or outside the premises of these companies. However, a delivery ban on the sale of alcohol will exist during after hours.

In addition, stores with a license of health interest inside galleries, shopping malls, intercity stations and airports will provide only take away and delivery services.


What applies to hotels

The catering measures also apply to the operation of the restaurants, refreshments and cafes of the hotels, which are located outside.

Exempted are the restaurants, refreshments stores, cafes inside hotels, which serve only those staying in them and provided that measures are taken to avoid overcrowding and the distances between tables and hygiene rules are observed.




In addition, the following measures apply:



Mandatory use of a facial mask by the staff, as well as customers who are waiting and not eating or drinking,

up to six people per table,

Fullness of 50% of the capacity as defined in circumstance 2d ‘of par. A of article 14 of the decision of the Minister of Health under sub-elements Υ1γ / Γ.Π / οικ.47829 / 23.3.2017 on the total internal useful surface (OE / 1.3 sq.m.).

Fullness of 40% of the capacity as defined in approx. 2d ‘of pao. Α of article 14 tick under elements Υ1γ / Γ.Π / οικ.47829 / 23.3.2017 decision of the Minister of Health on the total external useful area (ΩΕ / 0,70 sq.m.).

Ban on live music.

Prohibition of events / gatherings / receptions.


Finally, it is foreseen that for grocery stores and retail there is a possibility of operation on Sunday 9 May.


For hairdressers and personal hygiene services (hair removal, manicures, pedicures, etc.) there is an optional (extended) opening hours from 7:00 to 21:00, and an additional possibility of operation on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

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