Wednesday , August 4 2021

Chamber of Commerce gives protocols for beach operation in regards to sundbeds.

A protocol for the operation of our beaches, according to the new data created by the pandemic from Covid-19, is notified by the Chamber of Zakynthos. The protocol was drafted by associates of the Costa Nostrum Ltd Chamber.


As they report, with a sense of responsibility for the difficult conditions prevailing worldwide due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and considering the situation that citizens and visitors are expected to face in view of this year’s special summer season, they designed a series of proposals for the operation of public and privately managed beaches by hotel units.


The purpose of these proposals is to protect public health but also to adapt to the conditions and rules set by the Greek State and International Organizations for the protection against the spread of Covid-19.


The guidelines of this protocol are not aimed at human exclusion, but at creating the basis for restructuring the sense of security and trust, hoping that our beaches and public life in general will soon return to normal.


For privately managed organized beaches by hotel units, some of the overall proposals are indicative:


  • It is recommended that the distance between each “permanent” umbrella with a pair of sunbeds be 3 meters apart.
  • In the free area of the beach for sunbeds, it is recommended that the ratio be about 10 square meters per bather (child or adult).
  • It is recommended to use a wooden or plastic sunbed.
  • After the release of each set of “permanently” sunbeds, it is recommended to disinfect the entire set (with 60% to 70% isopropyl alcohol solution) by a properly trained person and new visitors to approach the beds for at least 20 minutes.
  • It is recommended that the hotel unit cooperate with a specialized call centre / telemedicine system to deal with or launch any issue related to Covid-19.


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