Tuesday , August 11 2020

This Sunday clean up campaign at Shipwreck Cove.

 Volunteering in Zakynthos has taken a huge stride!

Specifically, this Sunday, October 13th, 2019, provided the weather conditions permit. The Porto Vromi Maries boat Consortium, headed by their president Mr. Dionysios Giatra and in co-operation with The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos will launch a large land-based cleaning operation.








Meanwhile, the volunteer group of divers.  “We Dive, We Clean” in collaboration with the dive team of Fani Nikoloudakis will operate a clean up campaign at sea.

A great initiative by The Porto Vromi Maries boat Consortium.

Mr. Dionysis Nikolopoulos, a member of the Zakynthos Volunteer Group stated: “It is a great activity which our team actually started last year. The shipwreck area has been cleaned up by us before on the upper areas and will be completed this year. Our efforts now will take place below at the beach and also underwater. We have brought a group of divers who also came last year to clean up the marine area of ​​the wreck. This group is called We Dive, We Clean.

There will be 2-3 divers from that particular Volunteer Group, but in collaboration with Fani Nikoloudakis diving centre Diver’s Paradise Dive Center. We also have from that centre around 6-7 divers. First they will dive at the shipwreck area and then around Anafonitria cove. The picture we have is that there is a lot of trash at the bottom of the sea. Our goal is to retrieve whatever is possible.”

 Volunteers in action!

The actions by the volunteers will be done with the help of businessmen from the area. They have volunteered to transport all volunteers to the shipwreck. And of course they will be involved in the cleaning themselves. These are entrepreneurs who have their own boats there. We have an appointment at 1pm in Porto Vromi. However, there is still provision for those who are interested in helping to come long.

“The movement is huge in order to clean up the world’s most famous beach. Thanks to the local bus services KTEL bus service Zakynthos, who will provide a bus to transport those who want to help. “

“They will provide a free shuttle bus on Sunday morning at 10am, starting at Solomou Square, for those interested in volunteering. This action as you can see invloves many. From transporting the volunteers up to Porto Vromi and then in partnership with the Porto Vromi Maries boat Consortium, to Shipwreck cove. 

Mr Nikolopoulos stresses strongly that all of the above will take place, while weather permits.




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