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Collection of waste…. When exactly?

Days now waste collection has not been carried out normally, and scenes of overflowing garbage bins are causing alarm once again.

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Deputy Mayor D. Koutsogiannis resumes the field of cleanliness, following the new proposal made by Mayor N. Aretakis and it seems that now things are starting to get difficult… The collection in the town and villages had stopped for a few days. Immediately throughout the island mountains of rubbish formed around the bins. Once again, Mr. Koutsogiannis stresses that there are many problems in this area, most importantly due to the severe shortage of staff and outdated and unsupported equipment.

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However, as he points out in an attempt is being made to resolve the issue inside and outside the city. “Out-of-town collection has stopped for 5-6 days. On Tuesday we had a meeting with the staff and the Mayor asked me to resume his duties as Deputy Mayor in charge of the Cleanliness Department. “I am making an effort. The collection continues in the city and started slowly in the villages. The mechanical equipment was broken. We’re trying to get vehicles. With the help of the workers, who give their best and in the midst of a pandemic, they are collecting garbage and  will clean the island. “

Mr. Koutsogiannis emphasized that a communication will be issued shortly by the Municipality informing the public on when the garbage will be collected in their area, while meetings with presidents and hoteliers will also be held. “There are many problems. Meetings with presidents and hoteliers will be held to see how we can proceed. There is not enough staff. Because of the coronavirus, the government has taken some measures to help recruit and start planning. I hope we all fight together to succeed in the field of cleanliness. ” In Regards to pedestrian workers and cleanliness, Mr. Koutsogiannis added that “efforts are being made to clean the city and central points, such as Solomos Square and St. Mark’s Square.  As far as our pedestrian sanitary workers, the workers have procured such equipment and cleaned Solomou Square, St. Mark’s Square and the city.”

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Waiting … for the collection

According to residents, some local communities are in worse shape than others … For example, in Lithakia there are many outbreaks of infection and residents are worried about when the collection will take place. There are no major problems in Planos, while in other areas such as Kalamaki, Laganas, Angerikos, Agios Dimitrios and Katastari the bins are overflowing, with citizens waiting for the municipality to collect the waste immediately. The collection of recyclable materials, however, continues normally. However, the municipality points out that the problem will gradually be solved

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