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Coronavirus:- The lifting of the measures in three stages: What Mitsotakis will announce tomorrow. The release plan will last two months.

The countdown has begun to lift the restrictive measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Originally the Prime Minister was to give an announcement sometime today, however it has been pushed back. As of Tomorrow. Tuesday, 28th in his speech. The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, will announce the government’s complete plan for a return to normalcy.

He himself, during the weekend, had continuous meetings with his associates, in which all the data were thoroughly examined. What is certain is that the lifting of the measures will be gradual. While the puzzle to solve is to how schools will be restarted.


In his speech, Mr. Mitostakis is more like to explain the plan to return to normalcy. This could last up to two months. The possibility is open that some restrictive measures may return in the event of an increase in coronavirus cases.

For this reason the government’s plan will be constantly evaluated with epidemiologists and health experts. Actions will be taken according to their decisions.


In the new regularity upcoming, the main features will focus on the rules of personal hygiene and the maintenance of social distancing.


The lifting of the measures in three phases – Registry offices are opening today.

Today marks the beginning of lifting some of the measures. With the opening of registry offices, Land registry offices and secretariats of Magistrates’ Courts and Courts of First Instance.

Next Monday, May 4, according to the plan, small shops, hairdressers, barbershops, beauty salons, etc. may open, but strict hygiene and social distancing rules will be followed.


On May 11, students of the 3rd Higher School (Senior high) return to schools

On Monday, May 11, students attending 3rd year high school will return. Thus enabling them to prepare for the pan-Hellenic exams. According to information, exams will be held on June 10.

From there on, according to the prevailing scenario, by the end of May the other years of High/Higher school will reopen. While at the beginning of June plans that students of Primary and Kindergartens will return, if the experts give the green light in regards to health.


Restart tourism

In mid-June, all year round  hotels and tourist units may reopen, and by the end of July, seasonal accommodation will be open throughout the country.

At the end of May and the beginning of June, restaurants will reopen. However, they will only be able to operate with tables outside, which will be one and a half to two meters apart and very strict hygiene measures will be observed.


SMS to 13033 abolished.

From next Monday, May 4, SMS to 13033 in regards to receiving the travel certificate will be abolished. However, restrictions on travel will continue to apply.

For example, restrictions will apply to the boundaries of the prefecture of permanent residence. Thus moving from province to province will not be allowed. So, anyone who wants to go to their summer cottage in other villages or islands will not be able to do so.

Finally, regarding the means of public transport, the Minister of Transport, K. Karamanlis stated that the mandatory use of a mask for passengers is being examined, while the change of the morning arrival hours at work for the public and commercial stores is being examined, in order to avoid overcrowding .

As we stated these are the possible plans our Government will be implementing. However, we will have to wait until tomorrow for a full report tomorrow.  Once our Prime Minister has spoken and confirmed what will be happening for the next two month period, Zakynthos Informer will update you with all the latest information.

Source. Star channel

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