Monday , April 12 2021

D Aktipis – Within the next ten days we will have AstraZeneca vaccinne on the island.

In his post, the Zakynthos MP informed that within the next ten days the AstraZeneca vaccines will arrive on our island. The vaccination will take place at the General Hospital of Zakynthos, while in fact a second vaccination area, will be opened at the Hospital. This means in practicality that two age groups can be vaccinated at the Hospital.

” Within the next ten days, the AstraZeneca vaccines are expected to arrive on our island, after contacts I had with the Political Leadership of the Ministry of Health specifically with the Secretary General of Primary Care of the Ministry of Health, Mr. M. Themistokleous.
In fact, the General Hospital of Zakynthos will obtain a second vaccination area. In practice, this means that two age groups can be vaccinated at the same time in the Hospital.
The claim of those who unsuccessfully claimed that a second vaccination area is not opened in our Hospital due to lack of staff proves to be completely inappropriate, since the real reason that vaccinations had not started on our island was that there was a lack of vaccines. Now, that the flow of vaccines starts normally, Zakynthos is one of the first regions to open without any delay and a second vaccination area.

In fact, the Management of the Hospital with its letter of 14 January 2021 to the 6th Health District had then requested the creation of a second vaccination area at the General Hospital of Zakynthos. Another fact that categorically denies those who continue to oppose the “whatever” and clearly proves that there has always been the required adequacy in terms of medical and nursing staff of the Hospital.
Therefore, in defiance of our critics, we responsibly  proceed with substantial actions so that the vaccination in Zakynthos continues smoothly and in the best possible way “.

Source HMERA

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