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Daughter of John Tossell, talks to Zakynthos Informer about their ordeal

Missing person’s family are still on the island in attempts to find their loved one, John Tossell.

I spoke with the daughter Katy about their family’s ordeal, and within her emotions it was plain to see, that the young lady is trying her best to fight her tears and think as positive as one could, in a situation that she and her family have been thrown into.

“I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, people, who I did not even know are helping. I also want to stress that the Fire Department of Zakynthos have gone way beyond their call of duty to help and others too, especially a local man named Aris, he owns the Serenity roof Garden Restaurant, here in Argasi.

Aris has been with my brother from day one searching. He and his family have taken time, hours upon hours helping us, I can’t believe the hospitality that is shown and especially now that we are totally lost without knowing the language, where to start, and where to go from here,  I personally feel Aris is a godsend.”

Katy holding back her tears explained that some members of the Western Beacons Mountain rescue team will arrive here, Today, Friday 28th June, at around 18.00p.m, to join forces with the rescue teams here in Zakynthos. The team is a non profit organisation that is trained in Mountain rescue, working in the South, Mid and West Wales and is known to have ties to the family. They will be working alongside our authorities, including representatives from the UK consul in the hope to expand their search in extremely difficult areas in an even more professional manner.

At the time of speaking with Katy, her brother Gary was up the mountain with local boy, Aris Tzelo, searching an area where it could be possible to find him, she mentioned that she had given the sketches I had received from a Zakynthos Informer member, who  in turn was in contact with a “Remote Viewer” from Canada.

Katy mentioned the difficulty of the search due to very thick vegetation, “even if we were able to get the drone down there, we still wouldn’t have a clear picture” she sighed, “we think even if he wasn’t feeling well on the day and had fallen, that he may have been able to get some shelter out of the sun. He is a very fit man for his age,” she smiled.  I asked her a question that has been on most of our lips in regards to the mobile phone, and what could be the answer as to why he did not take his phone with him?  She explained, “my dad doesn’t even know how to text, he wouldn’t think of taking his phone, he wasn’t one for technology, he wasn’t like us, we’re looking every second at our phone, my dad wouldn’t do that.”  Her answer seemed logical to me, as my husband would have done exactly the same,  there are still some people among us that do not rely on a mobile phones and John Tossell is one of them.

At the moment the family are requesting that we help by donating whatever one can to their “gofundme” account, this is to try and cover the costs for the Welsh Volunteer rescue team that is helping as of today, on Zakynthos Island. Their goal does not seem a large amount and if ANYONE can help, even if it is just 50cents, to their appeal, you would be helping the family through one of their most difficult times.

last seen in Argasi

In addition to that, a call to anyone in the area of Argasi that have CCTV cameras, is it possible to check and double check to see if they have anything on their camera that might help.

Hope has not been lost, and through the people of Zakynthos and our Welsh friends, we can honestly say that hope and friendship is what keeps us going.

***Zakynthos Informer would like to thank Katy for taking the time to speak with us at this emotional time, we wish her and her family well in the continued search of Mr Tossell. If anyone has any information, however small, please let the authorities know as soon as possible.

For any information please contact fire service at 199 (free of charge) or 2695022199 or at the police station at 100


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