Monday , August 2 2021

Descendants of the Sun comes to Netflix!

In 2015 a Korean film crew visited Zakynthos to film scenes for what is now a popular TV asian drama called Descendants of the Sun.

The series centres around the characters main Captain Shi-Jin and Dr Mo-Yeon who meet in a hospital and fall in love, but he is sent on a peacekeeping mission to the fictional town of Uruk and she is left to continue work at the hospital.

It’s become a hugely popular series, so much so that asian fans want to visit all the filming locations, which not only include Zakynthos but Lemnos, Myrina and Arachova, in Greece.

Descendants of the Sun has now transferred to the streaming site Netflix making it possible for international viewers to now watch it.

So where was it filmed?

There were two filming locations on Zakynthos, as follows:

Navagio Beach

The iconic Navagio or shipwreck beach as it’s also known was an important location for filming. In the show it’s a scene where the two main characters Captain Shi-Jin and Dr Mo-Yeon relationship begins to grow and develop.


The Monastery of Skopiotissa 

The 15th century Monastery of Skopiotissa at the summit of Mt. Skopos was the setting for the Uruk’s military encampment. The crew added pieces of scenery and set to it to make it into the location required.

The series has been hugely popular and put Zakynthos on the map, drawing many visitors to the island who may never have thought about visiting before, and now many international visitors will also get a chance to watch the series.

To get more information or watch Descendants of the Sun go to Netflix.

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