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Detailed programme of CARNIVAL 2020, Zakynthos

FRIDAY 14th, FEBRUARY 2020 (Valentine’s Day)

11:00 a.m Announcements through the streets. Traditional, “Delalides”town criers announcing the commencement of Carnival. From St Lazaros to St. Mark’s Square. Marking the beginning of Carnival 2020.

8:00 pm OPENING: “HIDDEN TREASURE HUNT” with crew “94”. The game will last 2 days (14-15 February). There will be a radio announcement of the topics and on the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/ZakynthinosKrimenosThisabros/

HIDDEN ZAKYNTHOS CARNIVAL. Starting at the Zakynthos Town Hall, the material participating in the groups will be delivered.


10:00 am – 06:00 pm “HUNTING HIDDEN TREASURY” (Solomos Square).

The crew “94” invited by the Municipality of Zakynthos organizes a full game for the carnival teams participating in the Zakynthos Carnival, in Solomos Square, where all the friends, schools, clubs and groups who wish to participate are invited. The game will take place from morning to afternoon and includes all the individual phases and situations that are also taking place at the Patriotic Carnival such as radio broadcasts, puzzles, square games, quizzes, city streets and squares navigation, search, information, points, persons and objects that constitute the HIDDEN TREASURE. After the end of THE HIDDEN TREASURE, the winners will be announced at the Cultural Centre


SUNDAY 16th, FEBRUARY 2020 – ASOTOU (Pig Sunday).


On Sunday, February 16th, 2020, the Carnival Bike of Zakynthos Municipality will be held as part of the Carnival celebration.

Starting point and registration will be at 11:00a.m in Solomou Square.

Start time 12:00 NOON  from Lombardou Street towards the airport along the main roads. A rest stop will be made at the Airport.

The Kalamaki Cultural Association “Muses” will offer treats and water to every cyclist.

Return from Zakynthos Provincial Road  (KTEO road), Kalvos, Ag. Ioannou Logotheton, Evgenidou, Al. Roma.

Termination: St. Mark’s square. (Route: 12.7 km), on completion of the event there will be a lucky draw for a bicycle. The best carnival dress/idea will also be awarded. BICYCLE offered by George KANDILA.


Moderator: Michalis Demetis

Organized by: Zakynthos Municipality, Carnival Committee.




The cultural centre, Zakynthos.


THURSDAY 20th, FEBRUARY 2020 (Tsiknopempti, BBQ Thursday)

The whole island is BBQ mood from the morning!!!

BANGERS on the BBQ in the neighbourhoods around town and villages.

12:00  NOON The “Antonios Martelaos” Cultural Association of Aggeriko invites you to their Square, with plenty of wine, dances and songs.

12:30 pm “BBQ Thursday with the Argassians” in Argassi. Live music, Clowns and face painting, Bubble Show and aerial stunts for our little friends. Free Food and Wine. The dance group “ADJARDO” of the MANOLIES Cultural Association will dance traditional dances. There will still be a separate stage with D.J. for all musical tastes. Aerial Acrobatic Show by Aerialis. Plenty of wine and BBQ!

14:00 pm Katastari Square. Zakynthian “OMILIA” street theatre,  with “Bagorda” and traditional dance. (In case of rain the event will take place at the high school of Katastari Gym).

15:00 pm Theatrical Happening “WHERE THERE IS SMOKE… Dimocratias Square (BASE). Plenty of wine and BBQ.


The “Delalides”, the Counts and Countesses, the Zakynthos Philharmonic, the dance departments of the Cultural Associations together and the Carnival teams will accompany the Carnival Mascarata.  The mayor will announce the start of Carnival 2020.

Following a party by ZAKYNTHOU Folk Music Party.

09: 00-12: 00 pm Noon.  The “Zakynthos Art Workshop” organizes an outdoor party with traditional dances and songs free for all friends of tradition in front of ARTOS & HEALTH intersection of Alexander Roma (Rouga Square) and Dionysios Stefanou.

21.00 pm GREEN DANCE-FESTA (Solomos Square). The “Andreas Kalvos” Association of Overseas Immigrants in Zakynthos in collaboration with Zakynthos HEN and YAKINTHI Traditional Music and Dance Ensemble, revive the green dance at the Zakynthos Cultural Centre, helping to preserve our traditions and customs. (Free entrance).

21.:00 pm Carnival dance of “TRAGOUDISTADES TSI ZAKYNTHOS” at Red Rock cafe. (Solomou Square)



11:00 am PARTY ODAZ. The Carnival Committee is organizing a masque party for the children of ODAZ.

15:00 pm In the Spiritual Center The Association of Foreign Language Centres, Carnival party. (Solomou Square)

21:00 pm  DOMINO DANCE. On the Red Rock (Solomos Square) there will be an RENOVATION of traditional Zakynthian dance.

21:30 pm The Koukesi Cultural Development Association is organizing a KARAOKE Party at the Association’s headquarters.



 15:00 pm Macherado Square. The Macherado Cultural Association “Agia Mavra” will present the omilia “The First Wedding Night” at the cultural centre of the village, while the dance departments of the club will present local dances and songs.

16:00 pm CHILDREN’S DANCE of the 1st Elementary School (Karampinio) at the Red Rock cafe. (Solomos Square).

16:00 pm CHILDREN’S DANCE of the 3rd Elementary School, with happy surprises, at the Cultural Centre of Zakynthos Municipality.

16:00 pm The Cultural Association of Antonis Martelaos will present at the Central Square of the village, the omilia of Nionios Arvanitakis “TO SKARTSOFOLI”. Following are traditional dances, kantades and traditional milky rice pudding will be offered.

21:30 pm CAMINITO TANGO AT MAY 21st Street. Sonia Michano’s Argentine TANGO departments will dance Argentinean TANGO on the street.

22:00 pm Carnival dance (FESTA) of the dance group “Fioro of Levante” at the Lesxi ZAKYNTHOS. (St. Mark’s Square)

SUNDAY 23rd,  FEBRUARY 2020 (Apokreas Sunday)



15:00 pm PICOLO CARNIVAL, Children’s carnival (St. Lazarou Square)

Departure of the parade from Agios Lazaros ending at Dimocratis Avenue (OTE Square). The young ones will parade through the streets in true carnival style.

17:00 pm The ILIDA Athletic Club will present contemporary choreographies.

The following is the Acrobatic and Instrumental Association “OLYMPIADA” that will present a Gymnastics program. Also “Acro Academy” will present acrobatic gymnastics.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

16:00 pm CHILDREN’S DANCE of the 2nd Primary School, at the Cultural Centre of Zakynthos Municipality.

20:00 pm SAINT MARCO’S SQUARE. The Macherado Cultural Association “Agia Mavra” will present the street theatre “The First Wedding Night” at St. Mark’s Square, while the dance sections of the club will present local dances and songs.


 18:00 pm OMILA street theatre.

Pupils and students of the 3rd Primary School of “Ammos” will present in St. Marco’s Square the omilia of Mimika Stamiris “THE SKASSIARCHIO” (Teachers: Antonis Agalianos – Athanasia Glezaki). The students of the 3rd Elementary School of Zakynthos will have EXCELLENT DANCING EVENTS. Curated by: George Sidiras.


Candidates from the “Manolies” and the dance sections “The Syrtis”, “The Manolies” and “The Fiore of Levante” will dance to a candlelight and urban dance of the season in a musical procession from Agio (Saint) Saranta Square, through Alexander Roma St to Saint Marco’s Square.

Followed by a concert by the musical group “Mandolinata 1958” and excerpts from the Omilia of the Aggeriko Cultural Association “Antonios Martelaos” of the play Skartsofoli (Nionios Arvanitakis).

19:30 pm Red Night Makeup. (St. Saranda Square)

(NECI makeup organization, make up artists will get you ready for the Red Night celebrations.

21:00 pm Carnival night parade on “Red Night”, starting at Saint Saranda Square and ending at St. Marco’s Square. Participating is the Brazilian group FURIOSA DADA with Samba rhythms and colourful lanterns will illuminate the city sky.

22:00 pm “Zakynthos Club”. Carnival Traditional Dance (FESTA) in the Grand Hall of the Club (St. Marco’s Square). A traditional Zakynthian Carnival fiesta.



 15:00 pm  CULTURAL CENTRE OF LITHAKIA. The Lithakia Popular Theatre Group “COSTAS SKANDALIS” presents the omilia of Yiannis Pomoni “The Curious” in the courtyard of the Cultural Association of Lithakia (old Primary School).

19.00 pm Venetian wedding.

Venetian wedding in Zante, 16th century

We invite you to watch the show that has been an institution since 2004, with an original and spectacular setting that will take you to all-ages. It is the first Venetian act in the modern cultural history of Zakynthos, which provokes the imagination and takes us to the 16th century, with theatrical costumes, undeniable elegance and grace, with drummers, trumpeters, archers, instruments of the era, pre-war instruments and many other surprises.

Inspired by the well-known Zakynthian and founder of the “Maritime Museum” Antonis Milanos.

At St. Mark’s Square where the coronation will take place, as every year we will send a loud message to the whole world.

In this feast we will be waiting for you to welcome the wedding couple !!

Renaissance dancers from Sonia Michanou dance School will follow. Then, the Cyprus band “Larnaca Livadi Group” and the dance group “Faethon” from Lefkimi in Corfu will present a dance program. Finally the Leontes Academy of European Martial Arts (based in Piraeus) will present a masterful demonstration of Renaissance fencing.

21:00 pm  “STRAVOLEMIA” AT RED ROCK CAFE (Solomos Square)

Revival of the next “Masquerade Ball “.

SUNDAY 1st,  MARCH 2020

12:00 NOON pm Carnival party at BURGER HOOD

15:00 pm CARNIVAL PARADE (St. Lazaros)

The Grand Parade with Conte Carnival and all the Carnival Groups will start from  St. Lazaros, ending at Dimocratia Avenue (OTE Square)

After the Grand Parade at St. Marco’s Square:

  • The ILIDA Athletic Club will present contemporary choreographies.
  • Acrobatic and instrumental club “OLYMPIADA” will present a Gymnastics program.
  • Acrobatic Gymnasium “Acro Academy” will present acrobatic gymnastics.
  • The Sonia Michanou Dance School will present LATIN and modern dances by Michaels Novak Marley.
  • Olga Berta Celina Dance School to present LATIN Show and SUMBA

19:30 pm POVERTY CARNIVAL with top-notch peaks and surprises.

Another frantic carnival is coming to an end. Zakynthians and the Carnival participants, with pain in their soul will accompany the Carnival King to his last home, until the next year … where his resurrection will take place again. As crazy as his life is, so is his funeral… The event will be presented by the Zakynthos Carnival Committee. The parade will start at Analypsi Square and end at St. Marco’s Square where Carnival King will be set on fire.

20:30 pm “ Marouloskortha”  Antonis Milan’s team of “16th Century Venetian Wedding” by Antonis Milanos continues the “Maruloscords” ‘Antti’ at the Church of Saint Nicholas of Molos to wish ‘Good Lent’.

21:30 pm Kypseli Cultural Association “Kefalovrysos” is organizing a carnival dance at the Zante Village Hotel in Alykanas. During the dance, lent bread and halva will be offered for the start of Lent.

22:30 pm Dance of the Carnival Committee, at the Casino, where the Mayor will end the carnival in traditional style.


 Kite Day all over Zakynthos


At the port of Tsilivi (Vardiola), Dionysiou Jatra’s Omilia (street Theatre)  “… and with the air… will be played”. It will be followed by live music and the dance group “Livadion Larnaka”.  Lenten dishes and plenty of wine will be offered. The event is being organized by the “Tsilivi Cultural Association”, the Planos Community and the Planos Owners Association “Vardiola”

13:00 pm KASTARI SQUARE. Folk feast with music and dance Lenten dishes and wine for free. Traditional dance groups from the Morfes Cultural Association and the Greek Traditional Dance Group “SYRIS” will participate.

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