Saturday , July 31 2021

Easter Celebrations start tonight!

Greeks are celebrtating Easter today, well at least the ressurection. Due to covid-19 restrictions many were unable to go to the church and celebrate.

Notice from Archdiocese.

With a circular of the Archdiocese which was sent to monasteries and churches, today the Resurrection will be celebrated, which due to the conditions of the coronation and the quarantine was not celebrated on Holy Saturday.

The circular bears the signature of the Protosyggelos of the Archdiocese, Archimandrite Barnabas Theocharis. In the Diocese of Athens, there will be an Evening Doxology, from 9 pm to 1 am, with the Divine Liturgy of Easter and Archbishop Ieronymos will officiate.

Analypsios 28th May.

Analypsios known as Ascension Day takes place today on Sunday May 28th this year, and marks the Christian belief that Jesus ascended into heaven at this time.

It is also known as The Feast of the Ascension of Jesus, Ascension Thursday and Holy Thursday, and is celebrated on the fortieth day after Easter.


Zakynthian Traditions.

In Zakynthos the repeat of cooking different meats on the barbeque are a common sign with in the streets, and of course at the family home. As they are in celebration, you find the traditional sweets of *fitoures* and *pastelli* on sale at the kiosks around town, and especially at the town’s church of *Analypsi*. This church will have its own special celebration.

This day also gives Zakynthians a last chance to dye their eggs red. According to old tradition Zakynthians would dye thier eggs on the night before Ascension or on the day.

Traditions that date back centuries.

The tradition of celebrating the feast is one of the earliest Christian festivals, dating back to 68 CE.

Those following the New Testament in the Bible will know.  According to its teachings, Jesus Christ met several times with his disciples during the 40 days after his resurrection so he could teach them how to pass on his message

On the 40th day, he took them to the Mount of Olives, where they watched as he ascended to heaven.


This day symbolises the end of the Easter season, and takes place ten days before Pentecost.



Pentecost being after fifty days of Easter. Hence its name, in which Zakynthos holds one of its greatest cultural events of the year. That being none other than Giostra, a centuries old tradition.

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