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Easter Eggs

At the Holy Church of of Panagia Planos. Night time is mentioned, which I would take to be about 23.00.

The Ecclesiastical Council of Planos and all its members, the Hotel Association of Arcadians and “Milanio” Maritime Museum at Planos will hold, for the 8th year, the custom that was established by the Maritime Museum, that of the offering of an Easter egg, on Saturday evening, 27/04, to our fellow travellers and visitors who, with surprise and thanks, respond to the wishes. The colourful and joyful pouches are made up of red eggs, easter biscuits, laurels and wishes for ‘Kali Anastasi’/ Good Resurrection.

On Good Friday a group of young girls (Myrrhbearers) from the school of Planos framed the religious ritual ceremony of the Epitaph, with lanterns and mourning ribbons, thus completing the religious feeling of the congregation.

We would like to thank the Hotel President Arkadion, Mr. Thodoris Kolopondinos, who gladly accepted our proposal eight years ago so that today we can continue the event with the support of, of course, all members of the Ecclesiastical Council of Planos whom we congratulate and thank.

Together we can have the best effect.

Kronia Polla and Good Resurrection
from the ‘Milanio Maritime Museum’.


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