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Elections – 2nd round

With the results in, from the 1st round, the new 33-councillor local authority will be made up of representatives of all the combinations as follows –

Me Areti kai Tolmee yia ti Zakynthos – 7
Mazee Allazoume ti Zakynthos – 6
Enotiki Zakynthinee Kinisi – 6
Anadrasee 2019 – 5
Lye-ee-key Sispirosi Zakynthos – 3
Zakynthos-Anatropee-Anayennisee – 2
Epannakinisee Tora – 2
Poree-a Pro-odou – 1
Zakynthos me Filotimo – 1.

As you can see, whichever combination wins the 2nd round, for any progress there needs to be cooperation between all the representatives. Note though, that who ever wins they will not take over until the 1st September.

Sunday, 2nd June, the 2nd round of the Local and Regional elections – Dimotikes kai Periferiakes Ekloyez – will take place.

This time, competing, are the two winners of the first round for the Dimos / Municipality are Mr Nikitas Aretakis, with ‘Me Areti kai Tolmee yia ti Zakynthos – With Virtue and Boldness for Zakynthos’ , and Mr Yiorgos Armenis with ‘Mazee Allazoume ti Zakynthos – Together we Change Zakynthos’.

Voting stations will be open from 07.00 to 19.00. This time around, you do not need to place a cross against any candidates. You just choose the combination you wish and place in envelope – so the whole process will be a lot quicker.

Who are these two candidates? Here is what is available on the ‘web’.

Mr Nikitas Aretakis

The ‘outsider’. Also known as the ‘islands benefactor’, as he has financed different projects on the island, the most known thatpu of planning, financing, building and equipment of the Upper Regions Primary School, just out of Volimes. He has bought land for the building of an art gallery.

Mr Aretakis is a Mechanical Engineer, of the National Technical University of Athens, with 50 years of experience on projects throughout Greece now retired. He has stated, repeatedly, that he will not accept pay for being Mayor – which comes to about 3.000 euros a month. Also that if he is not elected he will stand-down from being the opposition leader – something that others have done but without making it known. As mayor, other than the major subjects of rubbish, sewage and water, he will seek – to restrict intervention on the island, – to intervene in the infrastructure, where possible, such as waste management, – management of the aquifer, – implementation of a complete study of sewer networks, – installation of autonomous biological treatment units, – reconstruction of sections and maintenance of the road network. For the environment, tourism, shipwreck, culture, education, health, day-nurseries and other municipal activities there will be an inventory of the existing situation, studies will be prepared and implemented where necessary. New projects will be launched and implemented wherever possible such as – work on the marina and cruise ship pier, – installation of thermal baths at Ksigia, – upgrading of the coast and measures to protect bathers from landslides, – transportation planning in the city, – utilization of municipal property.


Mr Yiorgos Armenis –

The favourite of all the 9 combinations of the 1st round. He is a biologist and works as an Ichthyologist, head of the Department of Fisheries of the Zakynthos Regional Unity of the Ionian Islands Region, since 1984. Since 1990 he has been elected 7 times councillor to the Municipality of Zakynthos. He has 29 years of continuous presence and creative intervention in local-administration of Zakynthos, serving the place from various institutional positions. As President of the Cleaners Association of Zakynthos, he sealed the 90’s with his contribution to the development of pioneering and standard, for Greek standards, work in the field of waste management. The integrated waste management programme implemented in Zakynthos under his chairmanship at the Cleaners Association, from 1990 to 1998, led to the construction of the first landfill in Greece in 1996, the construction of the first Municipal Recycling Centre, the restoration of 40 landfills all over the island, the restoration of the dump next to the airport, the integrated waste collection with the placement of bins and their disinfection, that led the UN to award Zakynthos with the HABITAT Award. He has served as president, vice-president and member of the board of directors of DEYAZ, which included in his term in 1998, the construction of the sewerage network of Zakynthos in the Cohesion Fund. Member of the Board of Directors of the TEDK of Zakynthos and the PED of the Ionian Islands, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Organization of Public Conception of Zakynthos (ODAZ) as representative of the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece (KEDKE), Member of the Board of Directors the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, as representative of the Municipality, etc. From 2011 until 2014, President of the Municipal council. He is currently head of the opposition in the Municipal Council.

His combination has a programme that will finally solve the accumulated problems of the island. Their priorities are – never again rubbish on the streets, with the implementation of the integrated waste management with recycling – combating pollution problems in the sea, – blue flags on the beaches once again, – improvement and restoration of the natural and built environment, – cooperation with the marine park, – activating measures and undertaking civil protection actions, – integrated water resources management plan, – work and interventions in the water supply network, – complete the connection of the sewerage networks of the town and tourist areas.

Over the past days the leaders of the other 7 combinations, have thanked all those that voted for them and have asked them to vote in the 2nd round for the person they decide for, without indication from them.



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