Sunday , September 27 2020

Erofili to be performed at the Castle in Bochali.

The performance of “Erofili” is being performed for three nights by the Art group ZimOsi  (Ομάδα Τέχνης ΖυμΩση) within the courtyard of the Castle, Bochali, Zakynthos. Starting tomorrow,  Monday 29/07/19 at 21.30p.m until Wednesday 31/07/19. Admission is Free.

Monday July 29th to Wednesday July 31st, Zakynthos and visitors will have the chance to experience something special in a place that enchants and provokes strong emotions from artists who have shown through their course that they love culture, and always offer that something special, shining from within their souls

Τhe most famous and often performed tragedy of Cretan theater. It was written around 1600 in Rethymno, Crete by Georgios Hortatzis and first published in 1637 in Venice.

There are 4 acts and each act tells a story of how two people fall in love, Erofili and

Filogonos, king of Memphis in Egypt, murders his brother to gain his throne and marries his widow. Filogonos has a daughter, Erofili, which he raises together with Panaretos, an orphan boy of royal descent. Due to his competence at war, Panaretos is proclaimed general of the King’s army. A love affair develops between Panaretos and Erofili and leads to their secret marriage. Filogonos, who planned to wed Erofili to the heir of a rival kingdom, asks Panaretos to act as an intermediary. This results in the secret marriage’s disclosure and the King’s rage. Filogonos orders the death of Panaretos and sends his head, heart and hands as a wedding gift to his daughter. Upon receiving the appalling gift, Erofili stabs herself to death. The chorus of maids overthrows Filogonos and kills him.

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