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ESPA energy programme will save thousands of euros for our hospital.

The announcement by our local MP, Mr Dionysios Aktypis that our hospital has completed its ESPA programme in regards to engery is a relief.

In a statment by the MP he thanks the people who supported him:-

Following my recent contact with the Chief of the Ionian ESPA Managing Authority, Mr. K. Aspiotis, I was informed that the process of integrating the energy upgrade project of Zakynthos General Hospital “Agios Dionysios” in the next few days coming will be completed. The hospital’s inclusion in the ESPA program was to implement energy upgrading and renewable energy interventions, it has long been on hold, due to unjustified delays and procedural delay.

However, from the very first day of my taking up position as MP, I had raised the issue with to the director of the 6th Health office of the district Mr I. Karveli, and with the relevant Managing Authority, while expressing my concerns about the possible disintegration of the project. So, after solving the problems and always with the help and support of the Regional Governor of our District, Mrs. Rodi Kratsa, today is the inclusion of the energy upgrade project of Zakynthos General Hospital in the Ionian Islands ESPA program has taken place.

Personally, I believe that by completing the relevant energy interventions, a significant amount of energy savings will be achieved for the hospital. Indeed, as the competent bodies have informed me, the primary energy saving rate will be 40% after upgrading, and there will be a subsequent savings of approximately 500 thousand euros per year.

Finally, I would like to thank both the Regional Governor R. Kratsa and Mr. Aspiotis for their valuable assistance in integrating Zakynthos General Hospital into the ESPA funding program.

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