Wednesday , August 4 2021

Face Masks….. compulsory in supermarkets or not?

Masks in the supermarket will not be mandatory for customers, government spokesman Stelios Petsas told SKAI.


“In supermarkets, a face mask is mandatory for employees, not for customers, but there will be a strict recommendation for its use. In the afternoon we will clarify more about the masks. ”


As he said, individual responsibility plays an important role and we must continue to do so.


“Greeks will start to leave their homes freely. There will be no obligation to send an SMS or fill in the relevant form that we have been used to living with them lately. However, we all should continue with the basics that we learnt in this sense, that is. to observe the measures of individual hygiene, wash our hands constantly. ”


“In the first phase of dealing with the pandemic, we did well, so we can plan the gradual lifting of the measures we have announced,” he said, adding that daily information from the Ministry of Health would continue.


In any case, the government will combine all the information to make the best decision.


Then, speaking about the opening of the economy, Mr. Petsas said:


“It simply came to our notice then. Seeing every day and evaluating the developments every day, we evaluate and we will decide. ”


Finally, on the issue of the use of the mask indoors and on Public Transportation, Mr. Petsas said that the committee has reached a conclusion.


“This afternoon we will have clear positions on this issue,” so that citizens know what to do from Monday.

Zakynthos informer will keep you up to date.

Source:- HMERA

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