Saturday , July 31 2021

Food and drink

As with most traditions, food is important and the Zakynthian cuisine is a must for anyone to try. Zakynthians are well known for their dishes and of course their wines.  A wide array of native Ionian grape varieties have been planted on the island for centuries, and are most famously used to make the intensely flavoured, highly acidic Verdea wine. There are many wineries across the Island and not to mention on the homesteads, all of which boast the best white, red and rosé; and what better way to wash down the flavours of Zakynthian cuisine.

The most popular dishes are the Zakynthian rabbit, and on special occasions egg and lemon soup, usually made from nothing but fresh ingredients straight from the farm. Other dishes, such as wild greens and depending on the year, the dish served up, can be truly a vegetarian’s delight. At every Zakynthian table though, you will find it full of flavour with delicious food, wine and cheer, with Zakynthian hospitality, there is always room for one more.

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