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Food Festival, 2019 Zakynthos

With their local products of their own origin and their smile, the producers in the Popular Market of Zakynthos continue to try to keep the consumer’s interest high.

For the second consecutive year, The Zante Farmers Market will host the 2nd Gastronomic Festival with its theme being ” Vegan and Vegetarian”  with the participation of plenty of businesses and hotels, starting on Monday 15th of July 2019 from the hours of  9am till 12pm

The purpose of the event is to promote our local products, our  local culture, and producers both on our island and abroad.

The celebration of delights and very tasty dishes will be attended by distinguished chefs from companies within the tourism field, who will prepare traditional and original recipes with local and quality ingredients.

There will be many cultural activities as well.

Zakynthos and visitors will have the chance to make their shopping, taste unique local delicacies and have fun in the meantime. It is also worth noting that any meals or products that have been left over from the event, will also be delivered to the social welfare restaurant, thus helping our community as well.

Where can you find the event:-

At the Zante markets, which is located near our Port Authorities building right across from the well know Saint Dionysios church.

map link below:-

for Greek please refer to the link below:-



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