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Giostra Di Zante’s event a success

Giostra Di Zante is well known for its cultural events throughout Zakynthos, its most popular being that of Giostra, a medieval event involving skilled horse riding which is held every year on Holy Spirits day.


Last night their musical event was supported with a packed audience at the Theatre of Sarakinado and to the delight of audience they heard classical and modern music performed by the orchestra “Sinfonietta Athens”  whose musical director was none other than Georgos Aravidis, whose career is not only rich within Greece but internationally as well, including the Symphony Orchestra of South Hungary and the Italian Orchestra “Giovanni Partenopea”.

Another delight was the presence of Zakynthos’ own talented Soprano Andriana Lykouresi, who although at a young age, has managed to create a name for herself as one of the top within Greece having won several awards in her field, gaining experience internationally as well.

The partnership of these two talented people created the perfect environment for Zakynthians to enjoy classical music and contemporary at the same time, certainly the event was a rare opportunity thus keeping the cultural events that Giostra provides at a very high standard. The president of Giostra di Zante, Mr Tasos Tsourakis and his team deserved every applause that was heard at the auditorium and shouts of “Bravo” and “more” was obviously the reward that the performers so much deserved.

A video of some of the performances can be seen on the link provided:-




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