Thursday , June 17 2021

Greece:- Changes to our restrictions due to coronavirus…. music allowed and more.

Hardalias: Changes in the traffic ban, the music returns to the restaurant

Analytically everything that Nikos Hardalias announced for the lifting of the measures

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, announced a gradual easing of the measures in force for the coronavirus on Wednesday afternoon.


In particular, Mr. Hardalias stressed that from Saturday, June 12, music will return to catering facilities outdoors, while regarding the traffic ban, he pointed out that from the same date an extra hour will be added meaning from 01:30 – not from 00: 30 – which is in force until today. In addition, he said that if all goes well from July 1, the traffic ban will be completely lifted.


From Monday, June 14, the practical, laboratory and clinical exercises of all students of all semesters as well as the Lifelong Learning Centers of the universities resume.

From Saturday 12 June the curfew is extended by 1 hour. That is, it will start at 01.30 after midnight and will last – as today – until 5 in the morning, while from July 1 – and always provided that the epidemiological data allow it – the measure of traffic restriction stops apply.

From Saturday, June 12, music will be allowed only in outdoor dining areas, which only accommodate seated customers.

Also, from Saturday, June 12, restaurants that are located in ventilated galleries will reopen their operation, and only for those that have two free passages, in order to ensure the different entrance and exit as well as the natural ventilation.

From the same date – that is, on Saturday, June 12, at 6 in the morning, the percentage of occupancy in listening-entertainment activities increases from 50% to 75%, when the theater has a capacity of up to 1,000 seats. In 70% up to 5,000 seats and 65% when it has a capacity of up to 15,000 seats. If there are more than 15,000 seats, the maximum number is finalized at 10,000 people, in each case, with the obligatory use of a mask for everyone.

Also, for mobile telephony stores, the simultaneous presence of 4 customers in stores with an area of ​​up to 100 sq.m. is now allowed.

In addition, from July 1, the limit for catering services will be increased to 300 people from the current 100.

Finally, with regard to trade fairs, it was decided to reopen them only in regional units where the percentage of fully vaccinated will exceed 50%. The relevant health protocol will be updated in the coming days.

It is noted that from 24 May 2021, the restriction for more passengers within cars and takis was allowed.


According to the KYA, issued on Saturday, from (24/5) the passenger limit was increased and the following is allowed:


A total of four people in cars (three passengers and the driver)

A total of four people in the taxi (three passengers and the driver)

A total of four people in EIX vehicles with a driver of up to 7 seats

A total of up to four passengers more than the driver in EDX special rental vehicles and passenger cars with 9-seater driver

A total of up to 3 people more than the driver in the double cab mixed and VAN type vehicles


Transportation: The exceptions that apply to transportation by car or taxi


In case of parents with minor children, the passengers can be 4, ie a total of 5 together with the driver.


Also, exceeding the passenger limit is allowed if the vehicle is carrying minor children or a person who needs help to move.

Of course, the use of a mask remains mandatory for all vehicles. The fine for non-compliance with the measures is 300 euros.

Hopefully by the 1st of July the above restrictions will be removed.

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