Sunday , August 1 2021

Greece:- Coronavirus, only a few cases brought in by tourists.

The government’s concern about the relaxation of the population regarding the precautionary measures against the coronavirus, stressed the government spokesman Stelios Petsas.


Specifically, Mr. Petsas underlined that “the concern that existed with the opening of the country to tourism, we would have too many cases imported by tourists, was not confirmed. There are very few cases of tourists. On the contrary, there are many cases of relaxation in the interior and many in Northern Greece due to the frequent crossings of Greeks, expatriates and people who have a residence permit, not for tourist purposes, but daily, for work, for entertainment, for anything.


For these reasons, as Mr. Petsas explained, “we have taken significant measures to limit the land borders and we will continue to take tough measures at home against convergence phenomena, which reach even a local lockdown, as we saw in Poros.”


The government spokesman cited the fact that “in countries of a similar size to Greece, such as Belgium, the death toll is about 47 times higher than in Greece.” The cases are about 15 times higher than in Greece. We see that our plan has paid off and continues to pay off in relation to other countries. And the escalation that we observe this period in all countries, not only in the Balkans, Europe, but also on the planet, reaches Greece, but has not yet been transformed into pressure in our hospitals or the number of deaths.


“And that is why we are taking these measures now. We have an unprecedented situation, which we are facing all the countries of the world and it seems that Greece is facing it much better and we hope to maintain this “, added Mr. Petsas.

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