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Greece:- Don’t throw that mask away…. Even if you have been vaccinated!

Coronavirus: Infectious disease specialists surprised by the “Getting rid” of the mask
“We have not built up the wall of immunity”
Coronavirus: Infectious disease specialists surprised by the “flying” of the mask

Ivana Papaevangelou stressed that infectious disease specialists are surprised by some wanting to “getting rid” of the mask, clarifying that it is one of the great weapons of our protection against the coronavirus.

Specifically in the information about the coronavirus, the professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases referred to the issue of the mask and what is being heard about its abolition.

“The committee is surprised by the discussion about when we will throw away the masks. “Common sense and experience have shown us when and where we can take off the mask,” said Ms. Papaevangelou.

The professor then added that we have not yet reached the desired wall of immunity.

“We all have to have to keep in mind, we have to be careful. Coronavirus is not over. We are still quite far from the desired wall of immunity. Many activities that have been opened and as the epidemiological burden decreases, more will be opened but carefreeness will still be late. “Masks are the most important weapon against the virus.”

At the same time, the professor of pediatric infectious diseases and a member of the committee of experts, appealed to young people under the age of 40 who can now be vaccinated, explaining that now that young people have the opportunity to do many of what they like, see their friends and to go on vacation, they must hurry to be vaccinated to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

A reminder that at the end of August Greece will have 75-80% immunity if we have all the quantities of vaccines. Adding to that if we reach this level of immunity we may be able to take off the mask from September 20 onwards.

At present, it is mandatory to wear a mask in all public places (both indoors and outdoors), in all areas of Greece.

When should I wear the mask?
The use of the mask in the community is recommended when:

We visit crowded, closed spaces, such as shops, grocery stores, shopping malls, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, barbers / hairdressers, beauty salons, etc.
we travel by public transport
we work indoors, we collaborate with other people and we get in touch with the public (eg banks, super-market etc)
when entering a healthcare facility

Do I have to keep a distance of 2 meters from other people even if I wear a mask?

Yes. The use of the mask is a complementary measure and does not replace crucial preventive measures such as physical distance, respiratory hygiene (use of tissue for coughing or sneezing), hand hygiene and avoiding touching the face.


****Note. The mask should not be used on children under 3 years of age and on people who have respiratory problems or cannot remove it without assistance.

**Fines of up to 300Euros will be made for those who do not wear a mask.

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