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Greece:- Entering Greece travel phases for all countries, including UK, Holland and more.

Further to speculation about whether UK flights will be allowed into Greece from the 15 June, we can confirm the following.

Confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Greek Ministry has now confirmed that a number of country’s citizens will be allowed to fly into Athens under the phase one programme, up until 15 June,

All visitors are tested upon arrival and are required to stay overnight at a designated hotel. If the test is negative, then the passenger self-quarantines for 7 days. If the test is positive, the passenger is quarantined under supervision for 14 days.

Phase two:-

Known as the bridge phase from the 15th of June up until the 30th of June.

International flights are allowed into Athens ONLY. Then as of the 15th of June international flights will resume at Thessaloniki Airport.


Domestic flights have been allowed throughout. Those wanting to get to islands or other parts of Greece are able to without restrictions.

Countries on the EASA list , noting travellers coming from countries affected with higher rates of cases or deaths, such as the UK, Spain and more.


Zakynthos Informer Annex 1 to EASA_SD_2020_01 and EASA SD 2020_02 – issue 14

Is the country you are travelling from a high risk area?

Citizens or travellers from these countries, regardless of nationality.  High risk areas such as UK will be tested for Covid upon arrival in Greece. Citizens will have to remain in Government provided accommodation for 24hrs until the test comes back. If the test is negative, the Citizens will be asked to provide details of their accommodation and then self isolate there for 14 days. If the citizens present positive with Covid during negative self isolation, a further 14 isolation will be quoted. The self isolation is mandatory and enforceable by fines and prosecution.

Countries, regardless of nationality that are not classed by our Government as “high risk” when entering Greece will be subjected to random covid testing only. It is not Mandatory!


Phase 3:-

From 01 July, phase 3, the spokesman said the rules will change slightly as follows: All international flights will be allowed to enter our airports on a national basis. “Citizens arriving in Greece will be Covid tested randomly. If the test is negative, then the passenger self-quarantines for 7 days. If the test is positive, the passenger is quarantined under supervision for 14 days.” The UK has been added to this EASA list meaning that, in theory it will now be possible for UK citizens to travel to Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki only) from 15 June. BUT, you will be subjected to testing and regardless of whether you test positive or not you will have to self isolate for 14 days. We must point out that these rules and regulations during phase three may change according to data collected on covid levels.

Zakynthos Informer spoke with the UK consular in regards to the above. We were advised that all travelers from the UK should check their website as it is updated by their authorities regularly. The link we have provided for you below.


Entering Greece:-

So, for now anyone wanting to come to Greece can. It is a matter of which country you have come from as to what restrictions you will have upon arrival. As stated above our domestic flights have not stopped. Movement Restrictions have been lifted from the 25th May, however protocol does still exsist. Please read the following:- Travelling domestically in Greece


Today 01 June all 12 month hotels have opened their doors, once again under certain protocols. You may wish to read the following protocols by clicking on the link below:-

Final protocol for Hotels

We thank the British consul of Zakynthos and the Hellenic Ministry of Affairs for the above information.

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