Tuesday , August 3 2021

Greece:- Gyms open as of today, what are the protocols.

Gyms are opening today with strict measures against the coronavirus.

The re-opening of gyms is done with strict health protocols that include, among others, a self test per week for employees and athletes, mandatory use of a double mask or mask of increased protection.

Athletes may not wear a mask when doing aerobic exercise, as long as there is at least three meters distance between other athletes, while athletes with severe respiratory problems are advised to avoid intense aerobic exercise with a mask.

The percentage of telework is reduced.

At the same time, according to the business code numbers (KYA) issued for the measures, in the public sector the number of employees who have been teleworking is determined based on the nature of the employees’ duties and the needs of each service, at a rate of 20% of the percentage determined by the work plan of each service until the entry comes into force, while for private companies the percentage of employees under the telework programme is set at 20%.

What other activities restart?

In addition, from today, the use of 5×5 courts and basketball courts in outdoor areas by amateur athletes is allowed only with the conditions that apply to professional athletes and in particular with a weekly self test, compliance with capacity limits, lists of inputs and all sanitary facilities.

In addition, it is allowed to conduct theoretical training courses of all categories and periodic training of a certificate of professional competence, freight, passengers as well as to allow theoretical examinations of all categories to obtain PEI and the special theoretical examination for the special permit provided self-diagnosis of coronavirus disease up to 24 hours before the examination for the trainees and at least once a week for the examiners, observing the distances, the capacity of 50% and the sanitary measures.

Furthermore, the members of the committee, after an interactive discussion, suggested and decided that the elections, as well as the electoral assemblies of elected representatives, should be held in accordance with the minutes of the conferences, provided that the registered members do not exceed 150.

In cases where there are 150 or more members, both the elections and the election assemblies will be conducted by digital means. In addition, the Committee of Epidemiologists suggested the exclusion, from now on, of the electoral procedures that have already started by natural letter voting and of course the relevant security protocols have been submitted and approved.

Source:- HMERA

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