Sunday , August 1 2021

Greece:- Just where are the new cases recorded?

The distribution of cases
– twenty-nine (29) cases during the checks carried out at the country’s gates,

– four (4) imported cases that came voluntarily for testing,

– thirty eight (38) cases in Region. Attica, of which ten reported close contact with a confirmed case, while three had a history of recent travel to areas with positive cases.

– thirty-five (35) in Region Thessaloniki.

– fifty (50) in the Prefecture of Halkidiki, connected to an oil factory.

– two (2) in Region Argolida,

– one (1) in Region Boeotia,

– one (1) in Region Drama,

– three (3) in Region. Dodecanese,

– two (2) in Region Heraklion,

– two (2) in Region. Kavala,

– one (1) in Region Kastoria,

– seven (7) in Region. Corfu,

– two (2) in Region Corinth,

– three (3) in Region Cyclades,

– eight (8) in Region Larissa,

– one (1) in Region Magnesia,

– one (1) in Region. Xanthi,

– one (1) in Region. Pella,

– two (2) in Region Pieria,

– five (5) in Region Rodopi,

– three (3) in Region Serres,

– two (2) in Region Trikala

**** As we had 2 confirmed cases today in Zakynthos they would not have been recorded today by EODY as all recordings are hand in at 15.00p.m. The results of our 2 citizens were not announced till later.

An increase of more than 300% in the last ten days is recorded within Greece, derailing the day by day and hour by hour planning of the government. Unfortunately, the assessments of the infectious disease specialists that were made at the end of July with care, respect and responsibility are confirmed daily.

Among them is Athena Linou, who, speaking a few days ago on, had called on the Greek society to be vigilant and responsible and had asked the Greek citizens to strictly and responsibly observe the security measures. In the midst of summer vacations, travel, social gatherings and the relaxation of security measures, the situation gets out of control day by day. In combination with the arrival of many tourists but also mainly of many asymptomatic people from abroad, an explosive mixture has been created that erupts cases day by day.


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