Wednesday , August 4 2021

Greece:- Lockdown: Stricter measures considered for stores and schools

The next hours are crucial for the decisions that will be suggested by the experts and will be taken by the government, with the increase of coronavirus cases, especially in Attica, bringing to the foreground even scenarios for toughening the measures and returning to a regime of strict restrictions, at the time the gradual opening of activities.

Experts are particularly cautious after detecting mutations in the virus that make it more contagious and are investigating for this reason the widespread condition of the virus in Attica, where for the second consecutive 24 hours almost half of the cases were detected nationwide.


The committee is meeting today – What are the possibilities

The government is anxiously awaiting the course and evaluation of the epidemiological data, as well as the suggestions of the experts – with their committee meeting today – as no one can safely answer at this time whether the original plan for the opening of high Schools and Lyceums will be observed from next Monday.

By the same token, the return of the market to click away mode or even a combination of the two options is being considered (eg opening schools and closing retail).

“At the moment, everything is open and depends on the course of the cases,” government officials told the national Greek newspaper The increase in cases was, of course, due to the opening of retail and does not look aggressive at the moment. Nevertheless, the critical questions are two – beyond the course of epidemiological indicators in the next 24 hours: first, if and how the virus mutations affect the data. And secondly, if the opening of the schools from Monday can further aggravate the situation.

It is noted, however, that regardless of the final decisions for the schools – with the intention of the government to keep them open – teachers and students over the age of 16 are given the opportunity to take a free coronavirus test through the platform.

Satisfaction for vaccinations.

In terms of vaccinations, the target of 200,000 set for January was already achieved yesterday (27/1). A positive element is that the vaccinations are accelerating and have reached 214,000, while the strategy of the government remains to ensure the second dose for those who are vaccinated. 2% of the population has already been vaccinated, which is equivalent to that of Germany.

The Council of Ministers is also meeting today, with Kyriakos Mitsotakis expected to reiterate that the government will adjust its strategy against the pandemic, if necessary. On the agenda of the Council of Ministers are bills of the Ministry of Finance to address the consequences of the pandemic and the Ministry of Interior for the electoral law of Local Government, but also bills of the Ministries of Development, Transport, Justice and Sports.


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