Thursday , June 17 2021

Greece:- Platform for ages 40-44 opens, vaccinations of your choice.

Vaccinations: From May 21 appointment with vaccines of choice for ages 40-44

Vaccinations with vaccines of choice for the age group 40-44 years start from Friday 21 May
The start date has been officially announced at which the citizens aged 40-44 can make their appointment with a vaccine of their choice now available. In May, the platform for vaccines of all companies opens, for those who belong to the age group 40-44 years.

Up until May 21st , there was a restriction for this particular group, which could only have the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The age groups 35-39 and 30-34 will soon follow.

Regarding the statistics of vaccinations, Mr. Themistokleous stated that from the first day of vaccinations until today, close to 4,377,000 vaccinations have been carried out.

He also mentioned that 2,817,000 of our fellow citizens have been vaccinated with at least one dose, a percentage that corresponds to 26.8%. Finally, 1,615,000 citizens have done both doses, a vaccination coverage rate of 15.4%.

By the end of May, Mr. Themistocleous said, about 5.5 million people are expected to have been vaccinated. With a single dose of about 3.5 million, a percentage of 34%, and with two doses of 2 million, a percentage of 20%.

In relation to deliveries from Pfizer 1,860,000 doses are expected, from Moderna 308,000 doses, Johnson & Johnson 152,000 doses and AstraZeneca has confirmed 348,000 doses and 450,000 in June.


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