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Greece:- Results of Police checks in regards to measures combatting the spread of coronavirus

The results of Police checks, volations recorded and fines imposed.


Intensive checks are carried out throughout the country by the Hellenic Police Services to implement measures to prevent and limit the spread of the coronavirus.


Yesterday, Friday 14 May, 53,241 inspections were carried out throughout the country, of which 16,227 at the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

A total of 287 violations were confirmed and 3 arrests were made, as follows:


  • 73 violations for restriction of movement and an equal number of fines of 300 euros were imposed, as follows:


13 in Thessaloniki,

9 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace,

8 in the South Aegean,

7 in Western Greece,

6 in Epirus,

6 in Thessaly,

5 in Crete,

4 in Central Macedonia,

4 in Central Greece,

3 in the North Aegean,

3 in the Ionian Islands,

3 in the Peloponnese and

2 in Western Macedonia.


Since the entry into force of the measure (November 7, 2020), a total of 191,786 similar violations have been confirmed.


  • 134 violations for not using a mask, etc. related infringements and fines of the equivalent of EUR 300 were imposed, as follows:


32 in the Ionian Islands,

22 in Central Greece,

21 in Central Macedonia,

17 in the North Aegean,

12 in Thessaloniki,

11 in Crete,

10 in Epirus,

2 in Western Greece,

2 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace,

2 in Western Macedonia

1 in Attica,

1 in the South Aegean and

1 in the Peloponnese.


Since the implementation of the new measures (November 7, 2020), a total of 53,947 similar violations have been confirmed and 51,860 administrative fines of 300 euros and 2,087 of 150 euros have been imposed.


  • 80 violations and 3 arrests for rules of operation of stores, private companies, etc. Violations of the relevant legislation (prohibition of operation, non-use of a mask, percentage of square meters per person, etc.).


In the above cases the following sanctions were imposed for violation of suspension of operation, etc. related infringements of the relevant provisions, namely:


In Western Greece, an owner of a healthcare store was arrested and fined 5,000 euros for exceeding business hours and playing music, as well as a fine of 300 euros for 64 customers and 2 employees for violating traffic restrictions.


In Crete, a fine of 2,000 euros to a cafe owner, with the imposition of a 15-day suspension, for serving customers sitting inside the store and a fine of 300 euros to 3 customers.


In Epirus, from 3,000 euros fine on 2 taverns, with the imposition of a 15-day suspension of operation, for serving seated customers inside the stores.

In Attica, 2,000 euros to a store owner of a health interest for playing music.


In Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, one arrest of a person for quarantine violation.


In Thessaloniki, 1,000 euros to a cafe-bar owner for playing music.


In the Peloponnese, an arrest and a 5,000 euro fine per person for violating quarantine.


In the South Aegean,


–1,000 euros fine in a restaurant for playing music and

–3,000 euros fine in a cafeteria for overtime.


In Western Macedonia, 5,000 euros to a foreigner for non-compliance with health protocols when entering the country.


Since the implementation of the new measures (November 7, 2020), a total of 6,171 similar violations have been confirmed and 1,951 people have been arrested.


The inspections continue with undiminished intensity for the protection of public health.

Source:- HMERA

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