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Greece:- Schools: Platform for test covid and task force for cases at the Ministry of Education.

Schools: Platform for test covid and task force for cases at the Ministry of Education.


Task Force Coordination Group in schools to provide support to the educational community on case management issues.

In view of the reopening of schools, the Ministry of Education recalls the formation of a Task Force, which was formed at the beginning of the school year in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Health, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and Hellenic Health System, (EODY)


The team operates at the Ministry of Education at 210- 3443958 and 210-3443867, as well as at the email The aim of the Task Force Coordination Group for schools is to provide support to the educational community regarding the management of suspected COVID-19 cases. Specifically, it supports the COVID-19 managers of the school units, their Principals and the Directors of Education and also provides information on the epidemiological investigation and risk assessment in collaboration with the EODY and the Regional Directors of Health and Social Welfare, according to the Protocols of EODY and taking into account the current legislation.


Teachers and students over the age of 16 are given the opportunity to take a free COVID-19 test provided by the Ministries of Education and Religions, Health, Digital Governance and National Defence. Teachers and students voluntarily declare their intention to be screened for coronavirus, through the special COVID-19 free screening platform here.


The partnership of the four Ministries aims at the wider monitoring of the course of the coronavirus in the country and the assessment of the epidemiological situation in the school environment. Teachers and students over the age of 16 who wish to be tested for the new coronavirus are invited to submit an application to the above platform for sampling.


It is noted that the selection of applicants will be based on order of priority (temporal and geographical) and always depending on the available tests per day. Applicants will be identified through their electronic account in the Panhellenic School Network (@ and will be informed of their appointment by SMS for the nearest of the 386 checkpoints throughout Greece, while more detailed instructions on the procedure are included on that platform.

Especially for underage students over 16 years of age, the consent of the parent or guardian will be required to participate in the process. Consent can be secured by the presence of the parent in the process and / or by completing a responsible statement that he / she wishes his / her child to participate in the COVID-19 test.


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