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Greece:- Self Testing platform for schools open Pdf available, 193 positive with covid.


Self test in students – teachers: 193 stated positive on the Greek platform

These are the first results after the self tests in students and teachers

193 non-symptomatic, potentially ill, were identified among students, teachers and other staff, according to the data of the self-test results on the respective platform from 8 am today Sunday 11 April until 16:45, according to data from the ministry Education.



Analytically, negative tests were declared by 37,379 students, positive by 95 students, while among the teaching and other staff tests that were negative tests stood at 18,430 and the positive 98. The 193 people should take a repeat test and – in any case – not go to school, the Ministry points out.


The service of declaring the results of self tests is available up to 24 hours before the arrival at the school, on the platform Students, teachers, administrative and support staff of the school units are obliged to declare the result of the test on the platform (positive or negative) and when attending school must have a negative test certificate with them, so that the reopening of general and vocational high schools across the country from tomorrow Monday 12 April can be done safely.


The strong recommendation for strict observance of all protection measures remains, since the self test is a complementary tool that mainly concerns the timely detection of asymptomatic carriers.


Twice a week self test


The coronavirus self-diagnostic test will be performed twice a week for each high school student and teacher. Under the AMKA, students and teachers of Lyceums will receive two free tests each week from the pharmacy, along with information material. The result of the first will be displayed for school attendance from Monday to Wednesday and the second on Thursday. Regarding the schools of Special Education and Training, the self-test is mandatory for the teachers, while there is a strong recommendation for the test to be performed on the students. Students and teachers will take self-tests at home. It is recommended that the test be done the same morning or the night before. So, the first test can be done on Sunday night or Monday morning.


How the result is declared

Parents, students and teachers will declare the result of the self-test through the platform They will enter the platform with the taxisnet codes, entering specific data, such as patronymic, matronymic, AMKA and the result of the self-test. If the self-test is negative, a school card will be issued to students through this platform. Students will bring this school card with them throughout the week and will show it to the teachers in the first hour of Monday for the first test and on Thursday for the second test. For teachers, the negative result statement will be issued through the same platform. If there is no access to a printer at home, parents and teachers will be able to write a handwritten statement containing the same information as the school card, the negative result statement. If the self-test is positive, a positive result statement will be issued through the same platform for conducting a free repeat rapid test in a public structure. On the website there is a link which refers to fixed points that operate at specific times, from Monday to Friday and Sunday and there are also the operating hours of each point, where free repeat tests are performed.


If the repeat test is positive, the EODY protocol will be followed


If the repeat test is negative, the students-teachers will receive a relevant certificate from the examination point and will return to school. Citizen participation in tackling the pandemic is crucial. The purpose of the self-testing process is to protect Public Health by detecting asymptomatic carriers of the SARS – CoV -2 virus easily, quickly and reliably. About one in three people who are carriers of SARS – CoV -2, have no symptoms and transmit it without knowing it. According to all pandemic studies, regular periodic screening tests for rapid antigen detection of the virus help to limit the spread of the disease. It is noted that 2,000,000 tests have been received so far and another 7,000,000 tests will be received by the end of next week. Also, the procedures of a new tender for the supply of another 10 million self-tests have already progressed.

down load your Pdf here → covid19-self-test-print

Below find a copy of the form filled in.

*****Please note if you are unable to print the form you can handwrite the details above and sign.


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