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Greece:- Sunday of Thomas : Open Stores and Supermarkets – How They Will operate

Store and supermarket hours: On Sunday, May 9, stores and supermarkets will be open as part of the intermediate discounts – Their opening hours


The stores, as part of the intermediate discounts that will last until the 15th of the month, will be open from 11 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon.


It is also reminded that from today the percentage of area per customer is reduced, which corresponds to stores over 500 sq.m., to 50 sq.m. per person.



Given the restrictions and measures for the pandemic, on Sunday the attendance at retail stores will be by appointment.


Supermarkets, hairdressers, as well as shops with personal hygiene services (manicures, hair removal, etc.) will also be open.


For supermarkets we send a message to 13033 with code 2. For commercial stores an SMS should be sent to 13032 with the name, while the total time for shopping will be three hours. For hairdressers and shops with personal hygiene services we send SMS sto 13033 with the code 6.


What applies to department stores

Those interested in wanting to make their purchases in commercial stores should know that they should make an appointment with the store they wish to visit and send an SMS to 13032 with their details and have a total of 3 hours at their disposal.


The shopping world has high expectations from this discount period and the stores advertise big discounts that in some cases reach up to 70%.


The trade associations remind them with announcements that during the discounts, in addition to the indication of the old (usually deleted) and the new reduced price of the products and services sold at a discount, the indication and commercial communication of a discount percentage is also allowed.


Particular attention should be paid to the accuracy of discount announcements to the customer, as the penalties are severe and no fines may be imposed for error. Each benefit must be identical and respond to the announcement, financially, quantitatively and qualitatively. In case of inspection, the shopkeepers should be able to prove that the old sale price stated on the sign corresponds to reality.


What applies to hairdressers

To make an appointment to a hairdresser you have to  send an sms to 13033 with option 6 or with the corresponding known written confirmation (type B) and with the relevant receipt of the appointment (SMS or email) from the service provider.

source:- https://www.newsbomb.gr

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